About DePietro's

The concept of our restaurant is very simple: share our family recipes & treat our clientele like family. That means great food & sometimes we yell at you – just like home!



 The DePietro’s tradition began almost 20 years ago in 1998 in our first restaurant in New York. In 2005 we made the move to South Florida, the building of our new restaurant began with Richie & David supervising the construction.  Mackenzie stayed in New York to close up our last restaurant and by late 2005 we opened DePietro’s Pizzeria & Restaurant.

We kept the traditional old family favorites and added creative new favorites that David loved sharing with our clientele. Each dish is prepared with the finest ingredients available to us.  Mackenzie arrived on the scene in 2008 bringing with her the work  ethic and family beauty that has driven us.  For the next 8 years we continued to keep our roots and traditions grounded in New York as we lived the  South Florida life.

In 2010 an “offer was made that we couldn’t refuse”, we sold DePietro’s. The name of the restaurant was changed, they no longer used our ingredients or family recipes and We had no input in what they were doing. We came back in 2012 – changed the name back to DePietro’s Pizzeria & Restaurant and were thrilled to return to your loyal clientele who really felt like family.

Sadly, just 3 weeks after our return Mackenzie was the victim of a car accident that nearly claimed her life.  With the help of family and friends we struggled to keep the restaurant going while keeping vigil over Mackenzie. Thankfully one year after that terrible accident Mackenzie returned to us and our core was back together.  Mama Lori, Papa Richie, Uncle David & Miracle Mackenzie.

We changed our decor a bit… Okay a lot.  The New York Yankees would feel honored if they stepped into our dining room. We kept our menu items the same but we did change the names of the items to reflect our love of the New York Yankees. We were going along banging out our award winning pizza, our delicious & huge hot/cold heros, our amazing entrees, making gallons and gallons of our homemade marinara sauce, telling our clientele not to add salt to our food & simply treating them like family. All was well.

On a sunny day in April 2014 we lost a part of our hearts & part of the soul of DePietro’s. We lost David, his absence from our lives cannot be described…

In our grieving we regrouped and while keeping the love of food that David had, We are still here. with MacKenzie at the helm, Mama Lori & Papa Richie. The DePietro’s traditions will continue: Great food – Served with an attitude.